Soula Notos | (Try Out) Gurbet – Or How I Became Rich (EN)

Soula Notos | (Try Out) Gurbet – Or How I Became Rich (EN)


  1. A place, usually a foreign country that is far away from one’s homeland
    in which one lives for work.
  2. The state or feeling of being a stranger and/or longing for one’s

“Gurbet – or how I became rich” is a personal and critical story about diaspora and the space in between where you are always longing and always on the way, but you never seem to arrive. The various languages that stumble inside of you make you feel like you are never entirely part of the place you are at the moment. But is it all sorrow and pain? Soula Notos takes you on a personal and sharp exploration of gurbet with lots of humor, movement and temperament. Maybe, just maybe, that space in-between is not that bad after all.

Soula Notos is a theatermaker and performer of various styles: storytelling, spoken word, comedy, acting. She performed her solo “Who are you when no one is looking?” at various storytelling festivals (Oslo, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Prague, London) and also at Oerol and Festival Boulevard. Her work explores themes of migration, gender, belonging, humanization, identity, power relations, lightness, and freedom. She tries to connect, to change, to make people laugh, and to make visible what has stayed invisible. She wants to remember. More info:

Genre: Storytelling (Try Out)
Start: 20:00
Horeca open: 19u30
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English
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Tickets ADD: €17,50

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