Greg Shapiro “Leaving Trumpland” (EN)

Greg Shapiro “Leaving Trumpland” (EN)

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Het kleinetheaterpact presents: Leaving Trumpland!

In Leaving Trumpland Greg Shapiro says goodbye to the Trump voice he has done since the ‘Netherlands Second’ video on Zondag Met Lubach. When Trump left the spotlight, it wasn’t the end of the world. Whereas, if he would have stayed, it might have literally been the end of the world…

Leaving Trumpland is a mix of stand up and storytelling, with a bit of improvisation. Along the way, Shapiro explains how to get along with Syrian refugees as neighbors, how he taught his daughter to vote in her first US election, and how to handle ‘Covidiots.’ In Shapiro’s most personal moment, he shares the details of how covid-19 killed his step-father, due to Trump’s fantasyland followers. And finally, he explains how to conduct a memorial on Zoom. Leaving Trumpland is Greg Shapiro’s sixth solo show, and his first to premiere during a pandemic. The show takes 60 minutes. Leaving Trumpland is in English, with some Dutch.

Photo: Adrie Mouthaan

The small theatre pact (or ‘het kleinetheaterpact’) guarantees a fringe performance every Sunday in one of the small theatres of Nijmegen! The pact is a collaboration between Thiemeloods, Theater VIER, Kunst & Cultuurplein De Verspiegeling and Meneer Otis, powered by the Municipality of Nijmegen.