Otis x Thiemeloods: Shah Tabibi “The Shah of Holland” (EN)

Otis x Thiemeloods: Shah Tabibi “The Shah of Holland” (EN)

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The Shah of Holland is about a child in an Afghan house with a Dutch view. Through his personal stories and authentic entertainment, Shah discusses current and provocative themes on stage. In doing so, he provides insight into the cultural challenges between Western and Eastern ideals within Dutch society. The magical musical exchange between the Guitar and the Rubab brings the performance to a fairytale experience.  

As a young boy, Shah left a war zone and became a man on peaceful soil. Shah Tabibi, Afghan by birth, was brought to the Netherlands by his parents when he was four. His first memories are those from his time in the Asylum Seekers Center. Twenty years later and now a storyteller, lecturer, and Psychologist (MSc), he has yet to learn to stand still. This is Shah’s life in a nutshell, but there is much more to tell. Through his stories, he brings the audience into the world of a little boy who rediscovers his entire environment. He shines his light on Dutch traditions through the eyes of a child, often with surprise, and always with humor and compassion.

He tells his story accompanied by musicians Niek Hoevenaars & Nabil Mani and attempts to answer the question: what makes us the person we become?


De voorstellingen van Otis x Thiemeloods worden mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Provincie Gelderland vanuit ”COVID-19 Ondersteuningsmaatregelen voor ondernemers en organisaties”.